Walk Away the Pounds: Redux

We’ve talked about Leslie Sansone’s Walk Away the Pounds (WATP) series before, but I figured I’d rehash it since it’s been a while and I’ve received some emails about it.

Essentially, this is the system I used when I first started losing weight. At 307 pounds, the very idea of working out made me sweat. I never found a workout tape or DVD that I liked; they were all much too difficult for someone of my former fitness level and size. But someone suggested I try Leslie Sansone’s WATP series. I figured walking couldn’t be that hard and picked up the beginning 1 & 2 Mile Walk DVD at Target for $9.99.

After about a month or so of doing the 1 mile with the ocassional 2 mile thrown in, I eventually bought the 3 Mile Walk and worked up to that about 5 days a week. Some days when I’m just not into it or am pressed for time, I cram in a 1 Mile walk because it’s only like 15-20 minutes and at least I feel as though I’ve done something. It was very simple to start, too. You don’t need anything but you. Yes, there are supposedly 2-pound “Walk Away Weighted Balls”, but eff that. You can pick up some 2-pound dumbells at Target for $1.99 each. I find them easier to hold than those balls anyway. Plus, balls. That’s just funny.... because I’m twelve.

Leslie Sansone‘s enthusiasm can be a bit much from time to time. I’m sure she’s a delightful woman and I’ll get emails from the men who whack it to her like I did when I discussed the Overstock.com lady on my blog, but I gotta tell you… she bugs. But! She gets the job done, so I can’t complain. She’s so perky, but I guess if you’re going to be a fitness instructor, it’s your job to to have the uber-perk. That and sometimes she’ll throw a little God into it, which I personally don’t really feel belongs in this series (she makes some specifically for Christians, I guess), but whatever. No big. Whatever blows your dress up!

A drawback is that the DVD’s get old fairly quickly. I’ve been alternating the 1 and 2 milers for the last week and this week I’m trying to alternate the 2 and 3 mile (though, today, for some reason, I conked out about 1.5 miles in. Just totally deflated. I think it’s because I stayed up too late and didn’t eat a proper breafast. No energy!) Next week, the 3 and 4 Mile Walk and then I think I’ll pick up the Power Series after that, just for kicks.

I’ve watched the DVDs so many times now, I know them by heart. I’ve taken to dissecting the glances and eye-movements and expressions of her backup exercisers and have started creating my own storyline in my head. Randy really loves the couch, apparently because it’s mentioned on 2 of the 3 DVDs in the first series. “Jodi has a new baby” that we hear about on every DVD and boy, Leslie really wants to know when that kid is sleeping through the night. He’s got to be in first grade by now. I’d say it’s a safe bet he does. Modified Beth amazes me with her jiggle-free thighs. She’s short and probably what a frat boy in a bar would consider “the fat friend”, but I think she is perfectly cute and fine (though prone to spontaneous “We’re with you! We’re workin’ out!” outbursts for no reason). But her inner thighs are firm, y0.

I highly recommend this series to anyone who’s out of shape and just doesn’t know where to start working out. If you’re afraid of the gym, consider giving these a try. I remember when the idea of starting out “going for a walk” was like… overwhelming. Where will I go? How far do I go? What do I do if I walk all that way and get tired? What if people yell things out their car window at me? (I really enjoy that, by the way. It’s so uplifting!) And the ever-popular, What if I can’t do it?

Fret no more. Get Walk Away the Pounds, seriously. You totally can do it. You’ll be hitting the pavement in no time. smile

4.5 Donuts from me. I’m docking half a donut for Randy’s spandex shorts.