Next Stop: Yucktown. Population Me.

I’m better today. I’m having trouble finding my mojo after yesterday’s weigh-in, but I’m not beating myself up anymore, at least. I wished that I’d awakened this morning with some kind of zeal, bounding out of bed ready to hit the gym. Alas, I was trudging into the kitchen in my bathrobe, praying there was coffee in the canister because I was up half the night yakking my innards out. I have no idea why.

It was probably that salty Egg McMuffin. wink

No, seriously, I was sick all night long. Just sour belly. My tummy is still a little squidgy, of course that could have been from the coffee. I have had no desire to eat, though I did just choke down some Ballpark fat-free white-meat turkey dogs (2 with 1 pt. buns = 4 Points ... shoulda just used 2 slices of bread, though. I could have saved myself a Point ) and now my stomach is completely rebelling. One thing I have a hard time with, ironically, is eating. I can’t seem to eat with any regularity or consistency. And when I do remember to eat, I just grab whatever is handy, which is usually 100 Calorie Pack or a bag of popcorn or, at best, an apple. Healthy choices all, but really… not balanced nutrition.

I know if I don’t eat my Points on a regular basis I won’t lose and in some cases, I might even gain. I’m trying to be more diligent about eating every few hours and I really need to make sure I have things on hand to eat. If I can’t just grab it or nuke it or whatever during my workday, I won’t eat it. I’ll just go hungry until I’m not hungry anymore. That’s no good either.

I need to find my first week mojo again. I need to go to the store. I need to go to the gym. But first, I need to not hurl. That would be a start.