My name is Ejovi Nuwere

When I was 13 I discovered the Internet and all the freedom it enabled. I dreamed of the amazing things it would bring. It still excites me every day to see the future become the present.


How does GoodRx make money?

TLDR; (if you don’t want to read it all) GoodRx is a marketing company that has partnered with a Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) or several PBM’s to generate traffic (sales). The PBM’s negotiate discounts with pharmacies and earn a transaction fee in exchange for sending the pharmacy customers. The marketer earns a transaction fee for helping the PBM. Currently GoodRx does… Read more →

Datalogix bridges social and retail

One of the biggest challenges for consumer packaged good advertisers who market online is measuring whether or not their online advertising spend results in real purchases. These are companies with the largest advertising budgets in the world, companies like Procter and Gamble, Shiseido, L’Oreal, Pfizer and Nestle. Not being able to measure online advertising performance for these companies has been… Read more →

Startups built on startups – Superhost

You know the business landscape is changing when startups are creating an ecosystem of startups based upon them. We saw it with Facebook. I still think if Facebook didn’t make moves early on that frightened serious developers there would have been a lot more services companies built upon Facebook. Airbnb is the latest startup that has companies building service businesses… Read more →

Why Bing will lose search and Apple should by Yahoo

Today the majority of the search market is desktop but by the end of the year that might not be the case. In the US mobile ad spending grew by 120% in 2013. Desktop on the other hand only increased by 2.3% By 2018 in the US alone search advertising spend is projected to be $32B but $26.4B will be… Read more →