Starting a company is like hunting animals that hunt back

Starting a company is great. It's exciting but while it could make you rich it is statistically more likely to bankrupt you. You have to be insane to want to start a business and risk your reputation and money on what is probably a really stupid idea.

So why do people try anyway? They don't know any better! Or they read about the amazing startup stories featured in the news and think, that could be me!

Did you know suicides are higher for entrepreneurs than any other profession? I don't know if that's 100% true but it is higher than average. You won't see that story in Forbes or on techcrunch.

I incorporated my first company when I was 18 with my then girlfriend, ended badly. Both. I think people can lead happy lives without starting a company.

You like running? That's a great job. You like being chased? That's entrepreneurship. 

You like shooting? That's a great job. You like being shot at? That's entrepreneurship.

You like hunting? 

You get the point. Have fun.