My recent articles

I've been writing a column for Sankei publishing for almost a year now every week. The articles are published in Japanese as a intro to technology developments in the west with a lot of my opinions on the general direction of tech. You can really time what will happen in social media and online marketing in Japan based on what is happening in the USA.

I've written a few articles for Japan Times, back before my falling out with the company after they tried to hire all my engineers among a list of a bunch of other nasty things they did. The editors at Japan Times are still really awesome.

I occasionally write for The Tokyo Times which doesn't do bylines. But if its a story about hackers, it's probably mine.
I think my articles for Sankei aren't of interest to English speakers. Most of the people I know already follow Techcrunch or Gigaom, but I'm considering posting them here in English just for the heck of it.

Writing is a great hobby, the ability to put your thoughts into words has a lot of value in business. Being forced to meet a deadline every week has also been a interesting experience. Looking back over my archive, its hard to believe I've written so much.