My iPad works upside down

…and other things about the iPad that are cool but maybe not
entirely practical…

– Using your iPad upside down is great for playing games with two
people. Because either side of the iPad can be used by each player.
It’s also good for media companies if their users make the mistake of
reading content upside down. This happens sometimes in print, another
annoying issue that the iPad has finally resolved.

– iPad is great for watching movies and visiting websites. It starts
faster than a computer and the browser is amazing. Actually I haven’t
turned off my iPad since I received it, not sure how to. Kind of the
always on internet.

– If you buy a crappy book on the iPad you can’t sell it to another
unsuspecting loser. You can’t even give it away! I paid 12.99 for a
crappy book and I can’t even force my friends to read it! If you want
to buy a book on the iPad be sure the book is well rated. Even worse
is the iPad bookshelf. Because the crappy book remains there to remind
you of your purchasing mistake. I ended up deleting the crappy book
from my bookshelf, but the charge still remains on my card. Za-nen (oh

– Reading books on the iPad is not that much fun. In my 6 months of
Ivy League college during the remedial reading classes I learned about
“critical reading”; a way of engaging the text that requires writing
within the book as you read. Obviously I never finished school but I
wonder how the iPad or Kindle plan to capture the university market if
there is no way to engage in the text you are reading? As is, I think
Kindle and iPad will only be able to capture 30% of the education book
market. I will probably only buy another book on the iPad if I need a
quick read before I board an international flight. I kept my books
from the 6 months of school I attended, I think it makes me look
smart. Showing off my iPad books just makes me look like a dork with a

– I would rather continue reading my favorite news websites than
downloading their apps for a few reasons. 1) the news apps don’t have
as much content as the website (from 6 news apps I experimented with)
2) the news apps load slower than the website. 3) the browser on the
iPad is pretty cool. Better than reading websites on the PC because
you can engage with the website in a way that is impossible on the PC.
4) Some media companies might charge me for their apps, but I haven’t
seen anything worth paying for that can’t be found on the existing
homepage. This means, if you aren’t already charging for content,
don’t expect to be able to do so on the iPad.

And the iPad works upside down. That is kind of cool too.

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  1. Paul Papadimitriou
    August 4, 2010 at 2:12 pm

    Have you tried Reeder for news reading? It’s a Google Reader app, so it supposes that’s the way you read news. I still favor it over many other applications (even that latest craze, Flipboard)

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