Innovative companies are like pro-fighters

This has been a interesting trip to the USA. The groundbreaking
innovation is here in America. Without a doubt. I consistently meet
super smart people and some of the hardest working people ever.

Of course there are those silly startups getting funding in SF but
when I meet visionaries, for lack of a better word, it is truly

The types of conversations I have in the USA with business owners
rarely happen in Japan. Conversations about disrupting major
industries and sectors, about fundamentally changing the way people
interact with the world around them. Groundbreaking! Exciting!

Startups should be more like professional fighters, get paid for
kicking the crap out of old industries.

Competitive fighting requires serious preparation and focus, the fun
part is not fighting, the fun part is winning. Entrepreneurs that
don’t innovate only love the idea of being a fighter, maybe they even
like fighting, but they will never fight anyone bigger than them and
they walk away after getting hit hard. Innovative entrepreneurs love
the idea of winning and while they select their battles, the bigger
the better. They train hard and fight hard. They get back up after
getting knocked down.

I’m not having these conversations in Japan. Is it because Japan isn’t
a confrontational society?

There is nothing more exciting than hearing from a startup that gets
the adrenaline pumping. Only happens to me in America.

Startups should aim to kick the crap out of something. Hard.