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Is your country entrepreneur friendly?

“A study by Ernst & Young, an accounting firm, showed last year that German, Italian and French entrepreneurs were far less confident about their country as a place for start-ups than those in America, Canada or Brazil. Very few French entrepreneurs said their country provided the best environment; 60% of Brazilians, 42% of Japanese and 70% of Canadians thought there… Read more →

Twitmusic and what the service represents

Twitmusic is one of the latest investments from 500 startups. What might be the first technology company started in the Philippines to receive major investment from a US investment fund. The platform allows artist to upload music and promote it to twitter users in a pretty innovative way. When a visiters go goes to the website it has a… Read more →

Founders Story: Klout founder Joe Fernandez

This is the unedited English version of my column published in Japanese by Sankei Klout is a unique company, it has successfully built a way to rank social influence online. The company assigns Klout scores to individuals based on how socially influential you are. Politically its a very difficult business, no one wants to be ranked and yet everyone… Read more →

The coming social wars

This is the unedited English version of my piece that was published in Sankei Business-I in Japanese on July 2nd 2012. In asia companies are now starting to understand the importance of the social graph. The ability to make it easy for people to share and communicate amongst those they know. Unfortuantely, asia has been slow to the game and… Read more →

Can Facebook justify its valuation?

This article was originally published on May 13th 2012 in Japanese as part of my weekly column for Sankei Business-i. Facebook will IPO at a valuation of nearly 100B USD. That’s a lot of money. Facebook is IPO’ing at 25 times revenue. High even for companies that have been public for some time with stable business models. Most companies IPO… Read more →

My recent articles

I've been writing a column for Sankei publishing for almost a year now every week. The articles are published in Japanese as a intro to technology developments in the west with a lot of my opinions on the general direction of tech. You can really time what will happen in social media and online marketing in Japan based on what… Read more →

Business development mindset

A lot of people don't like business development types but business development is critical to ensuring the company has money to operate. Like it or not, its really important. The business development mindset has three points: Firmly believe that what you have to offer is good for the person on the other side of the table, even if they don't… Read more →

If you ever meet a entrepreneur

If you ever meet someone who has started their own business, please remember what I’m about to tell you. Starting a business is hard. Creating something significant from nothing is one of the hardest things a individual will ever do. A entrepreneur is like a novelist. Even after the book is published the author never feels its 100% perfect. In… Read more →

My first music video appearance

Occurred in 1990 when EPMD filmed a video in the park where I played little league baseball. I’m only in the video for a second at 2:57 but I was dancing real hard and earned every millisecond of that airtime! Actually, I think this was my only music video appearance. I should have had a agent. Read more →