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A digital world order

Internet savvy startups are attacking industries and killing old businesses across the globe. In these pages, I’ve written about more than 150 such companies over the last four years. Due to work obligations, I’ve stopped writing. But here is a five-year plan that can be used to prioritize career and business strategy. Year One: Self-identify as a technology company. The businesses… Read more →

SIP–VoIP Anomaly Detection using a stateful rule tree

This is a paper I worked on with members of Korea University security research center. It’s probably one of the last serious security research projects I will work on unfortunately. The paper was recently published in Computer Communications, which you have to pay to access. If you feel like reading technical security documentation, there is a older version available on Korea… Read more →

take for example…

This is the unedited English version of my column published in Japanese by Sankei. is a new platform that aims to replace It would be safe to call it a twitter clone. The social network will have the ability to post status updates and photos to friends and those following you. The one major difference between… Read more →

Is your country entrepreneur friendly?

“A study by Ernst & Young, an accounting firm, showed last year that German, Italian and French entrepreneurs were far less confident about their country as a place for start-ups than those in America, Canada or Brazil. Very few French entrepreneurs said their country provided the best environment; 60% of Brazilians, 42% of Japanese and 70% of Canadians thought there… Read more →