Month: August 2012

The Joyent/Textdrive lifetime account scam

Here is a great idea for a scam. Create a hosting company and sell "lifetime" accounts that aren't really lifetime accounts, they are just accounts that work until you decide you don't want them to work anymore. Then try to sell the "lifetime" customers (hahaha) a new monthly account! This is the scam I fell for. It went like this,… Read more →

Aspiring entrepreneur? Don’t read my blog

I think the worst thing an aspiring entrepreneur can do is read the blog of another entrepreneur. Most business owners aren’t honest in their public communications. They have customers, employees and partners that read it. So all you end of getting is fluff and none of the really painful stories that make entrepreneurs who they are. You shouldn’t be reading… Read more →

take for example…

This is the unedited English version of my column published in Japanese by Sankei. is a new platform that aims to replace It would be safe to call it a twitter clone. The social network will have the ability to post status updates and photos to friends and those following you. The one major difference between… Read more →