Month: May 2012

Can Facebook justify its valuation?

This article was originally published on May 13th 2012 in Japanese as part of my weekly column for Sankei Business-i. Facebook will IPO at a valuation of nearly 100B USD. That’s a lot of money. Facebook is IPO’ing at 25 times revenue. High even for companies that have been public for some time with stable business models. Most companies IPO… Read more →

My recent articles

I've been writing a column for Sankei publishing for almost a year now every week. The articles are published in Japanese as a intro to technology developments in the west with a lot of my opinions on the general direction of tech. You can really time what will happen in social media and online marketing in Japan based on what… Read more →

Business development mindset

A lot of people don't like business development types but business development is critical to ensuring the company has money to operate. Like it or not, its really important. The business development mindset has three points: Firmly believe that what you have to offer is good for the person on the other side of the table, even if they don't… Read more →