Month: March 2011

Stores throughout Tokyo run empty

Tokyo residents have been stocking up on bread, toilet paper and rice. Some delivery trucks are being restricted to limited roads. A short supply of gas combined with fear based hoarding has resulted in stores throughout the Tokyo area running low on stock. Read more →

Missed flight to Manila due to Tokyo Quake

Brian Tatum was supposed to be passing through to Japan on his was to Manila. A former resident of Japan, Tatum was on his way to meet his wife in the Philippines. “Even with this tragic event, the spirit of the Japanese really makes me want to return and live here.” Tatum only has 3 weeks scheduled to be with… Read more →

Stranded in Sapporo

Alexandra Golant and Sam Hersey are now stranded in Sapporo along with 2,000 other passagers because Narita shut down the airport as a result of the earthquake. The couple are one the first leg of a two week vacation. The first 9 hours of which were spent parked on the Tarmac inside of a delta airlines plane. “as frustrating as… Read more →